The week's fees are due for payment on the first day of the week that the child attends. Fees can be paid weekly, monthly or half termly. Our current hourly rate is £5.25 per hour 

Cheques should be made payable to ‘Berrygrove Early Years Centre'. If possible we would encourage you to pay fees directly into the bank through internet or phone banking. Please ask for our bank details if you are able to do this.

We regret that fees must be paid when a child is absent, except for notifiable diseases and hospitalisation (maximum period of exemption 2 weeks). Should your child leave mid term, fees will be due to cover to the end of that term.

Formal proceedings will be taken to recover unpaid fees.

As we are OFSTED registered, 15 hours are paid by Hertfordshire County Council from the term after your child is three, please note that we are also eligible for 2 year old funding. We also have some 30 hour funding places.



 Payment Methods 


Lloyds Bank

Berrygrove Early Years Centre

30 - 99 - 21



Pay Pal - [email protected]


We also accept 


V Pay



AMerican Express

Apple Pay